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Japanese Mini Trucks The Best Replacement for the Gator, Mule or Rhino


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Suzuki offroad Mini Truck with Standard Cab Daiatsu Heavy Duty Power TakeOff Dump Truck Customized 4x4 Offroad  Mini Truck

Suzuki Carry Truck w/Standard Cab

Daihatsu HD PTO Dump

Mini Trucks Customized to your Specifications

Mattracks on your 4x4 Offroad Mini Truck will turn you in to a Bog-stomper.

Extensive Quality Control Results in Extensive Trouble Free Operation


QUALITY:  If you have read anything about the history of the mini truck, then you already know that these Kei (Japanese for small) Class  of trucks have been around and have been developed since May of 1965.  These powerful little workhorses evolved into today's stylish, tough, durable mini trucks that you are now seeing on farms, campuses and Jobsites throughout the country.  These trucks were first introduced way back in 1965.  You can't say that about ANY of the other UTV's currently on the market.


Crawling through the Bog or Pushing Snow at a Comfort Level     and Price Unmatched by ANY other ATV on the market.  

Kei Class Trucks Outclass All Other ATV's in Features



 Haven't you shivered enough in that Gator? Heat and AC in the enclosed cab of a 4x4  Mini Truck.  
  • Kei Trucks have enclosed cabs. Stop shivering in your Rhino!
  • Mini Trucks can be purchased with A/C. Stop sweating your Mule!
  • Mini Trucks are EPA Certified.
  • Engines are 3 cylinder 40 HP gas; fuel injected.
  • Both Manual and Automatic Transmissions Available.
  • Standards Tires can be switched out for High Flotation ATV Tires.
  • Heated lockable cab.
  • All that said...they also LOOK Cool. Especially when customized.

Mini Trucks are the BEST fit for your Jobsite

Japanese Mini Trucks are light and tread softly upon your land, small enough to fit in tight spaces, strong enough to haul heavy loads, and spacious enough to minimize the trips you make.  At the same time, they are comfortable enough to keep operators happy, healthy, cozy and working.  Or do you enjoy when your workers are staring at the Gator as the rain pours down?

4WD with Heat and AC allows the work to continue on the Campus or Jobsites COMPLETELY unhampered by rain or snow.  

2001 to 2010 Mini Trucks are Available Now!

Kill that Mule! Japanese Mini Trucks are all 4x4 and put all other ATV's to shame.  

We can special order from our suppliers in Japan or deliver from our stock of new mini truck to serve your off-road needs.  Just call us for details @ 734-904-8190

INDIVIDUAL BUYERS:  If one of our dealers isn't close to you, we will be happy to sell and ship directly to you. For pricing and questions, please email us at: info@michtrucks.com or by calling 734-904-8190

DEALERS & VOLUME BUYERS:  For those purchasing 3 or more units at a time we have discounts. You may be a dealer who sees the endless possible offroad uses for these mini trucks, or you may be looking for your oil field business, your waste water treatment plant, your ranch, or something comfortable to hunt in. No matter how you want to use your mini trucks, we will do our best to help you acquire your own Japanese mini trucks. For pricing and other needed information email us at: info (at) michtrucks.com or reach us by calling 734-904-8190

Whether clearing land or hauling Bambi, 4x4 Minis outperform      the competition on all fronts...Hands Down!!  

Kill Your Mule and get yourself a Mini Truck!

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